Twelve Angry Men

by Reginald Rose
Directed by Alan Dilworth
Soulpepper Theatre Company
Toronto, June 2014

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From the Press: "The theater has been smartly arranged so that the audience sits on either side of the narrow stage, on which a long table, chairs, a ceiling fan, a clock, a sink, and a coat rack make up the suitably anodyne jurors' room. This is, in essence, a good design that allows us to not only witness the cast in close quarters, but allows the audience to observe one another. We are in conversation and debate about the issues being presented; we are the judge, the jurors, even the convicted." - Kathrine Kustanczy, BroadwayWorldToronto, Jume18, 2014

"Lavrivée keeps the setting in the US in the mid-1950s but find enough variety in men’s suits of the time to reflect quite well the personality of each character in what he wears. " - Christopher Hoile, StageDoor, June 18 2014


by Amy Herzog
directed by Jason Byrne
Company Theatre
Toronto, April, 2014


by Jacques Offenbach
directed by Waut Koeken
Opéra National de Lorraine
February 2014, Nancy, France
production originally conceived for Opera Zuid, Netherlands

From the Press: "Le metteur en scène Waut Koeken et le décorateur et costumier Yannik Larivée ont placé cette farce entre rêve et réalité, dans un univers surréaliste gouverné par les distorsions d’échelle et de perspective. L’attrayant espace de jeu figure un immense lit au premier acte, doublé d’une tout aussi géante table de nuit, devient table de cuisine avec sa nappe en Vichy au second pour terminer en table de banquet des noces au dernier acte." - Michel Thomé, ResMusica, 04/22/14


by Richard Strauss
directed by Waut Koeken
Edmonton Opera, 2013

From the Press: " The first thing to say about Edmonton Opera's production of Salome, which opened at the Jubilee on Saturday, is that it is so compelling, so thought-provoking, and of such quality that it could happily be transferred to any of the world's greatest opera houses. It is the first opera production I have seen in Alberta about which that could be said with such conviction." - Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal, Monday, October 28 2013

The Flood Thereafter

by Sarah Berthiaume
directed by Ker Wells
Canadian Stage , 2013

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

by Joe Orton
directed by Brendan Healey
Soulpepper Theatre Cie. 2013

4:48 Psychosis

by Sarah Kane
directed by Vikki Anderson
Necessary Angel Theatre Company
Toronto, 2013

Die Fledermaus

by Johann Strauss
directed by Waut Koeken
Staatstheater Nurenberg, Germany 2010
Opera National du Rhin, Strasbourg, France 2011

Sketch in photoshop for Act 2 

Champagne bubbles were the inspiration for the composition of the hung glasses for the Act 2 tableaux

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3 

From the Press : “Des images spectaculaires : cette Chauve-Souris décline un grand style plein de gaieté et une élégance frivole.”Kurt Witterstatter - Kehler Zeitung

“Un triomphe mérité qu’a remporté cette formidable production”
Emmanuel Andrieu – Classique Info

“Un tourbillon étourdissant”
Noël Tinazzi – Rue du Théâtre

Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail

by W.A. Mozart
directed by Waut Koeken
Opera National du Rhin
Strasbourg, France 2011

Act 1

Act 2 

Act 3

Link to video broadcasted originally on France3

From the Press: “On trouve dans ce spectacle magie scénique et force symbolique, ce qui montre que le théâtre est toujours capable d’associer exigence intellectuelle et aura.”
Alexander Dick – Badische Zeitung


by J. Offenbach
directed by Waut Koeken
Opera Zuid
Netherlands 2011

Act 1

Act 2 Scene 1

Act 2 Scene 2

Act 3

Watch Her

choreographed by Aszure Barton
music by Lera Auerbach after G.B. Pergolesi
National Ballet of Canada
Toronto 2009

Like this painting by Malevich, the square created by walls is slightly rotated off centre, to create a slight skewed vision

Collage for Robert Stephen's character

© National Ballet of Canada

Preliminary sketch for the women ensemble

Sketch for women's coat

From the Press: “ Thirty-nine dancers in gorgeous costumes by Yannik Larivée, performing in Larivée’s arresting box set with oddly placed windows and narrow doors, enact an almost gothic tale of love, loss and obsession.” - Paula Citron – The Globe & Mail